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EcoPractices is committed to a consistent and transparent process. Following a discovery meeting, our service offerings listed here can be tailored into a package to meet your specific needs. Contact us to learn more.

Third Party Verification Process

EcoPractices offers a multi-party verification process that provides auditable proof of implementation or installment.

Independent Financial Processing

EcoPractices provides an independent financial confirmation process.

An escrow has been established to hold and supervise funds until all verification processes have been completed and approved.  Once released, funds can be directed to allocated parties. Different financial flow situations are in place to accommodate the desires of the participants and the implemented practices.

Widely Accepted Practice Solutions

EcoPractices has a library of sustainable practices available that are government and/or university supported.

New practices of interest can be developed and integrated into the EcoPractices platform with the assistance of AgSolver’s scientific and software support.

Generate Measurable Environmental Impacts

EcoPractices generates measureable environmental impacts to a specific project. With the assistance of service providers and other industry experts, EcoPractices works to obtain data for the most precise impacts to a specific location of implementation or installation.

Some of the values EcoPractices is able to estimate include, but are not limited to; greenhouse gas reductions, soil loss reduced, and amount of nitrogen fertilizer loss reduced due to less leaching. EcoPractices presents raw results and then interprets those impacts to the general public in a friendly format with the help of publications from government and or university research.

Produces Ecotags Attributed to Conservation Practices

EcoPractices produces Ecotags attributed to the measurable environmental impacts of a practice in addition to a brief educational explanation of the practice and its environmental benefits attributed referenced to widely accepted sources.

Upon completion of the verification process and approval by Sustainability Partners (SP) employees, the EcoPractices platform will then assign the Ecotag to practice along with the environmental impact values.

Provide Financial Incentives to Producers

EcoPractices produces Ecotags attributed to each conservation practice available from producers. These Ecotags have the potential to be marketed to provide a financial incentive to producers making it feasible to implement conservation practices while also offering the buyer the opportunity to reduce their negative environmental impact.

Collection, Documentation, & Storage

EcoPractices is dedicated to ensuring a trustworthy process for all of its clients assisting with collaborative sustainable efforts to achieve common goals.

EcoPractices has generated a secure database used for uploading, storing, and reporting information. The EcoPractices process involves a numbering system that is linked to all documentation associated with each Ecotag. A complete paper trail is produced and is available to provide documentation if needed such as the desire to present voluntary environmental progress to a governmental agency.

Scientific Support from Industry Expertise

EcoPractices has a consortium of scientific support for the EcoPractices process and industry expertise for sustainable practices and products available.

EcoPractices also provides a Precision Business Plan™ through our service provider AgSolver.

Marketing Tool Kit & Specialized Marketing

EcoPractices provides specialized packages, called Marketing Tool Kits, which are available to a producer or included with a buyer's Ecotag purchase.

The Marketing Tool Kit includes six main components; proof of purchase, social media posts, press release documents, an image library, logo & certification symbol use, and customization needs.

White Label Integration Options

The EcoPractices platform can be integrated into an existing sustainable framework to achieve higher adoption levels of sustainable practices and increase a buyer’s attention to drive environmental involvement.

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