Sustainable Environmental Consultants

Founded in 2009, Sustainable Environmental Consultants (SEC) began as an agriculture consulting business, providing services including nutrient management plans (NMPs) and facility assessments. As federal, state, and local environmental regulations evolved, SEC’s business and service line expanded to help meet more of our clients’ sustainability needs. In 2012, SEC transitioned to operate as a joint venture with Wright Tree Service, and officially joined the Wright Service Corp. employee owned family of companies in January 2014. SEC helps businesses create and maintain a sustainable infrastructure.

Assisting the agriculture, construction, turf and landscape industries, as well as engineering firms, utilities and other energy organizations, SEC helps clients develop environmentally conscious practices that result in carbon footprint reduction, LEED certification, compliance, and more. SEC leads the market with our environmental compliance management, and turf management and agronomic consulting services. SEC is also equipped to provide a full range of products and support. SEC is a certified Filtrexx® manufacturer in Kansas, Iowa and Texas, and provides erosion control products, soil amendments, compost and mulch to help clients reach their sustainability goals.


AgSolver is agronomic data and simulation/analytics company located in Ames, Iowa. AgSolver was founded by engineers and data scientists that live and breathe Midwest agriculture. The AgSolver team uses that combination of proven technical expertise and practical in-field management experience to deliver impactful decision services to farmers, land managers, landowners, retail agriculture, financial service providers, and conservation professionals.

AgSolver helps farmers maximize profit on every acre and recognizes there is more to profit than simply yield. AgSolver provides customers with the tools to analyze not only their fields’ agronomic performance, but also their fields’ economic performance. AgSolver helps identify unprofitable acres and finds alternative management techniques to increase the farmer’s total profit.

Red 5 Interactive

Red 5 Interactive is a user-experience design & technology firm located in Des Moines, Iowa. They’ve been creating amazing interactive experiences in multiple forms of digital media since 1996. They create inspiring design for web, mobile, apps, and games. Red 5 Interactive will be providing marketing materials for printed purposes as well as all digital presence for EcoPractices on the web and in social media.

Filtrexx® International

Filtrexx International is the inventor of compost Filtrexx® Soxx™ technology and sets the industry standards for sustainability by using certified FilterMedia™ with proven performance results to meet EPA specifications in diverse industry applications. Filtrexx takes performance claims seriously. We've researched and scientifically tested FilterMedia for over a decade and our performance results are third-party-verified. Our dedicated professionals will partner with you to design, engineer and install our innovative Soxx™ technology solutions to ensure your success. Filtrexx is your partner of choice for selecting sustainable technologies in stormwater management, sediment & erosion control, pollutant removal, living walls, agriculture and gardening applications.

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